Our Security

Our Security System

Our Security for your Safety

The safety of each and every one of our visitors is a FUNDAMENTAL aspect for us. This is why we have developed a STRICT and DETAILED SECURITY SYSTEM that involves:

  • CONTROLLED ACCESS There are just one entrance and exit for visitors with electric doors and KidZania Bangkok security guards.

  • SECURITY BRACELETS At the entrance, each and every one of our visitors (except babies under 2) are fitted with a wrist bracelet equipped with a radio frequency antenna and an id chip. The bracelet can only be removed by our staff with a specialized system in the Customs area when the visitor wants to exit KidZania. The radio frequency antenna prevents visitors to leave the facility without this procedure and a security alarm will go off if that happens. The id chip allows us to electronically form “groups” through a sophisticated computing system that allows the exit to kids only with the system´s previously authorized adult.
  • VIDEO CAMERAS - Are strategically placed in different places around the facility with ongoing recording performed for any future reference.

  • SECURITY PERSONEL- Professional and specially trained guards placed in different places around the facility, among them: entrance, exit and strategic places.

  • HIGHLY QUALIFIED STAFF - Our staff receives constant professional training for the proper handling of eventualities and emergencies.