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Educational Approach

Asie from being a fun place, KidZania - The CIry of Kids is a centre designed for the construction of new learning through activities that help to reinforce of the knowledge acquired in the classroom, for which you can plan your visit with specific planned objectives.

The playing activities reproduce adult life and therefore provide a vision of the ways in which children relate to the environment, as well as the skills and attitudes they learn from adults who surround them. The previous activities are instruments for the teachers to use in the areas where every child needs correction or reinforcement.


  • Communication
    Through interacting with other children in the activity, children will develop communication skills in various forms of spoken and written language, they learn to structure their ideas by making use of previous knowledge acquired.
  • Mathematics
    Thanks to the unique monetary system, children will encounter mathematics as soon as they arrive. At the Bank, the child must cash a check in order to receive kidZos (The local KidZania currency) and must work with additions and subtractions upon earning or spending kidZos in the activities selected
  • Geography
    KidZania allows the kids to learn the workings and structure of a city with houses, streets, sidewalks, signs, drainage, public lighting, traffic lights, and the areas which integrate suburbs and downtown of the city. Upon exploring the map and adapting to the schedules of the activities, children will have the need to place themselves both in space and time.
  • Sciences
    KidZania stimulate children's' curiosity and the search for answers; during their visit, they will find sufficient stimuli to develop scientific thought, generate interest on how the machine operates and the importance of maintaining a healthy body.
  • Society
    The activities in the centre reinforce the understanding that every city is governed by a group of rules and values which allow the child to develop food integration into society and participate in its improvement. On the other hand, children will learn the rights and duties an individual has as a citizen and human being.
  • Arts, Music and Performances.
    Through recreation and art activities, children will stimulate their liking and ability to distinguish the shapes and resources they require.


What KidZania Offers

  • Security
  • Special prices to groups
  • Lunch and souvenirs packages
  • Medical service

Lunch Package

KidZania provides lunch options for school kids, School can choose from variety of choices and can specify time and place for lunch.

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