Our Economy

Earning, Spending and Saving KidZos

Our Economy

KidZania has its own currency: paper bank notes called “kidZo”. Upon visiting KidZania all children receive a cheque for 50 kidZo, which can be exchanged for cash at KidZania Bank located on City Square. 

KidZos are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10 and20. The kidZo’ symbol is the letter “Z” with two horizontal lines through it. The artwork for each bill denomination includes the kidZo’ symbol, an illustrative depiction of a KidZanian right and its RightZKeeper.

When working , children are paid in kidZo and they can spend kidZo to buy goods, services and pay for education - as part of the city’s supply and demand economy.

Earning KidZos

Base salary

Defined according each activity It is set as a base parameter to pay or charge between 5 to 15 kidZos.

Extra Payments

Kids will receive extra payments for their work. As they study one of the different courses at the University, being able to be Majors or Masters.

Spending KidZos

Redemption @ Department Store

Basically filled up with products given by the Industry Partners. Promotional objects and some other more attractive aspirational ones, such as bigger toys.

Activity establishments (paid with KidZos)

Factory Zone: Dairy Milk Factory, Peanut Factory, Bottling Plant, Green Tea Factory, Ketchup Factory, Drinking Water Research Center as well as restaurant ex Hamburger shop and Sushi Restaurant

Buy Your Parents / Friend  a Present or Service

It will be really appealing for the kids to “buy” something to their parents. This will give them a sense of reciprocity to their parents and will definitely create a bigger connection with them and what they can do with the kidZos ex. photo Studio, Beauty Salon etc

Donate KidZos

Different social programs can be created during the year. Specially related to Variable Program Seasons such as “Kids for a Greener World”, “KidZania’s World Fair” or “Chinese New Year”. A cause must be settled helping nonprofit entities, especially those focused on kids. An extraordinary program can be raised at any moment of the year to raise funds for a specific cause or tragedy (Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood...)

Saving kidZos

Bank Account, Earning Interests and ATMs.

Once the kids open a bank account they start earning interest to their KidZos. These interests rate goes by 1% monthly, and can be communicated to their statement or at the bank.

Kids with an account should consult their balance at the bank or ATMs, and revise their statement thru the loyalty program web page (with their parents consent). This way kids will be aware of their savings and interests earned. Another opportunity in their account is having account levels, reached by the amount of KidZos earned. These levels are immediately related to rewards kids can take advantage.

Crossed promotions with I.P.s can be done, exchanging their KidZos for different rewards inside and outside KidZania. (See chapter 6.3) Having a debit card helps in two ways the money circulation in KidZania. First, kids have a better way to spend their KidZos around the different establishments and make them understand how a debit card works and their benefits. Also, it helps to decrease the number of damaged banknotes in the facilities reducing unnecessary waste and expenses.

ATMs around the centres should let the kids revise their balances, make withdraws, and make donations.