Teacher Resources


In KidZania the activities combine education and entertainment, meaning they were designed under a concept known as edutainment. This concept allows children to have fun moments and learn in a city where by playing they adopt adults ‘roles’ and social norms.

Child physiologists and game experts have been consulted for the development of the activities. The educational contents are valid and in sync with the educational focus are designed to complement the elementary, junior high and high school academic programs.     

The playing activities are a reproduction of the adult life and as such provide a perspective of a kid’s way to relate to the environment, as well as the knowledge and attitudes absorbed from the surrounding adults. This is a useful instrument for the areas in need of correction or reinforcement teachers detect in the minors.

All this knowledge could be later applied in everyday life. 

Today the kids that visit KidZania, whether it is with their family or in school groups, acquire basic skills and competences like conflict resolution, autonomy, self-knowledge, self-care, artistic expression, ecological competence, social competence and team-work.

Get ready for a better world!