Join City Parade and be confident to make Citizen happy.
Be an Actor or a Singer and perform a live stage in the theatre
Draw amazing pictures, design a product, make a cool pop-up card and even paint a pair of shoes.
Be an Auto Mechanic and perform basic motor checks
Customers manage their Accounts
Get a beard or mustache and then just "shave" it off! Girls are welcome, too!
Get a beauty make-over with hair-styling, manicure and facial treatment
Work in a Factory that prepares and bottles soft drinks
Be a Car Sales Representative and learn all about the latest car models.
Join a group that meet every hour to sing the official KidZania Theme song
Climb to the top of the building using a rope
Brick and mortar wall construction, Cement column, wall tile and bathroom set up, Roof installation, Crane operatpor
Be a customer and select the products on your shopping list and be a cashier and handle money and greet customers.
Be a judge, attorney, witness, plaintiff or defendant and help bring justice to all KidZanians
Use advanced police techniques like fingerprint checking, evidence gathering and chemical analysis to solve tough cases
Learn how to be a Chef and cook delicious international dishes.
Be a Dentist! Treat patients and learn how to prevent tooth cavities
Go shopping and see all the kool stuff yo can buy with your KidZos
Design home decorations to make a house interior more attractive and convenient to live in.
Show off your dance moves in disco with flashing lights and lively music
Join a dance class, then show your dance off the along the KidZania's Street
Go 'Underground' to check the water wells, pipes and pumps that provide fresh water to KidZania
Get your eyesight checked before getting a KidZania driver's license
Be a fashionista as you mix-match and dress up in stylish clothing items. then join the fashion show!
Be a model and prepare to pose for shots
Be a Firefighter and rush to answer the emergency all then teach others about fire prevention and safety
Be part of the A320 airliner cabin crew and make sure passengers have a comfortable flight
Practice your flying skills before becoming an A320 Airliner Pilot and Co-Pilot
Learn how gas station works and give drivers a fill-up with friendly service
Work in a Factory that prepares boxes of green tea
Make hamburgers just like a professional and learn about food hygiene and special ways of cooking
Work at the Hospital taking care of little babies
Be a surgeon and change damage organ, like heart or kidney in patient body.
Be an Emergency medical Specialist and rush to help those who need urgent care
Be an Endoscopy Technician and use a tiny camera to see inside a human body
Let the expert Sushi Chef show you how to make Japanese food
Be a life assurance Sales Agent and sell policies to customers
Be a part of super Kool band in KidZania and entertain audience by your music.
Join the signing or instrumental class and practice to be the great artist.
Be a magician and perform awesome magic tricks to amaze your audience.
Work in a Factory that prepares and bottles milk
Gather facts, shoot photos and write a super interesting newspaper story for everyone to read.
Work in a Factory that prepares packages of peanut
Be a Photographer and go on assignment, take pictures all around the city.
Be a Police Officer Detective or Crime Scene Investigator (CSI)
Be on-air! Read the latest news and announcements live, here from the Radio's Station's Broadcast Studio.
Study traffic rules and pass the exam to get your drivers' license
Complete the tasks to complete your secret mission
Be a football player and set team for the match
Be on-camera as a news reporter from studio or live feed for big event at KidZania
Working behind the scenes as director, cameraman, Continue or Editor for News program, live feed or Music Top Chart
Study to earn a degree, You will get extra or discount KidZos when you work at the specifies establishments.
Work in tomato farm to produce good quality tomato for ketchup factory
A special place for little ones with lots of fun, toddler-friendly games and activities
Perform check-ups and give advice about pets

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